Hi friends, here are some images of a 25 year old glamorous actress of Bollywood Akshara Singh, who wants to marry the superstar Salman Khan. This is a very interesting and awaited news for all of us. She works as a actress in Bhojpuri movies, she is already become popular and people started liking her too. Are you excited to know more? Then let us stop wasting our valuable time and start going through the pictures below.

She said that she has no problem about his age, though he is 27 years older than her. He is 52 years old.

We do not know that whether Salman Khan accepted her marriage proposal or not?What do you think friends?
When talking to Times Of India, Akshara told them about her feelings for Salman Khan that she wants to have him as her husband.

Is he lucky enough to have this hot actress as his life partner, though he has passed the age of marriage?

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